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Saint Lucia: why is a perfect destination for history buffs?

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Saint Lucia, travel tipsIf you are a history buff and want to holiday in a spot that will help to reminiscence the old times, Saint Lucia is just the place for you. The beautiful island country of Saint Lucia is rich in heritage and the length and breadth of the island is covered with ruins and sites that can take you back in time. So, if you visit Saint Lucia, here is a list of places that you definitely must visit.

You must definitely visit the Morne Fortune which is the place where the British and the French fought against each other to gain possession over Saint Lucia. At the top pf the Morne is the Fort Charlotte, which was started by the French and completed by the British. You must also visit the Pigeon Island National Park that plays an extremely important role in the history of Saint Lucia. Visiting the Pitons and Sulphur Springs is a must as well.

An account on Jamaican cuisines

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Jamaican cuisines, Jamaica tour guideJamaica has some of the best beaches and seaside food delicacies which are famous all over the globe. Fresh fishes, coconut, fruits and other seafood items are easily available in Jamaica. Jamaica has various festivals on which unique food items are made and feasted upon. Travelers from various countries visit Jamaica just for its festivals and cuisine. People are usually curious to know what spices are used to prepare delicious food in Jamaica.

The history of Jamaica has played a role in the cuisine which is followed by the Jamaicans. This place is rich in cane, sugar, limes, lemons and coconut. Even raw food items are being imported to Jamaica very regularly. The people who have ruled and stayed in Jamaica have left behind some of the ideas and cuisines. The Jamaican rum is also very famous. There are other beverages, pastries and eateries which are cherished by the visitors as well.

The exotic Bali: a tourist’s guide

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

exotic Bali, Bali tourist guideIf you have been saving up for an exotic and relaxing vacation, then Bali is the place to go. People who visit Bali for the first time are bound to fall in love with its natural beauty and exotic environment. This majestic island is the perfect place for even romantic getaways for honeymooners and couples.  The best way to stay in Bali is to book a luxury villa. As compared to staying in a hotel, a luxury villa has everything that one could ask for to rejuvenate and unwind.

You have a lot of privacy here with amazing private beaches, grand bedrooms, private decks and great hospitality. You also get to choose the kind of cuisine and food you would like to have. Balinese cuisine is a must for you to check out. Also the food price in a villa will be lower as that in a hotel as all items are bought from local markets. Indulge yourself in beauty or spa treatment during your stay at the villa. Adventurers can explore this exotic island for trekking and visiting some famous dormant volcanoes as well.

3 best beaches in Brazil

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

best beaches in Brazil, travel to BrazilAre you going to Brazil within a couple of weeks? Well, Brazil is the land of sin kissed beaches and frolicking waters and before you fly to Brazil you need to know about the top three Brazilian beaches? So, do you want to know about them? Well, the first Brazilian beach you need to know about is Alter do Chao. Right in the heart of Brazil’s rainforest, Alter do Chao is just the right place to relax in. Strolling down the river beaches and hogging grilled fish is all you will want to do here.

The second best beach in Brazil is the Fernando de Noronha. Oft described as the paradise, it is an archipelago where finding a beautiful beach is a very easy task. When you are at the Fernanado de Noronha, you must not miss out on Praia do Sancho. The third top beach in Brazil is the Praia do Toque.