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Top 5 camping destinations in South Africa

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

South Africa campingIf you are looking for destinations to go on a camping trip then the ideal place for you to visit with your friends is South Africa as it is very popular when it comes to camping and Caravan parks. You can check out the internet which will provide you numerous websites on South Africa and on the places of South Africa which are famous for camping trips.

The five top most camping sites located in South Africa are Ngepi Camp situated Namibia which is situated on the treed river island. The second place is Mahai which is placed in the northern part of Drakensberg and this camp site can hold up to four hundred campers where they can camp on the large shaded lawns.

Then there is the third most popular camping site of South Africa which is known as Storms River which is located in the Garden Route which gives you unlimited viewing of the sea without any interference. The fourth and fifth sites are Driehoek Farm situated in Cederberg and the very popular Lower Sabie Rest Camp.

Please your child on a budget trip to Disneyland

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Travel Disneyland, DisneylandDisneyland is a place which is paradise to kids; to be fair Disneyland is synonymous to paradise for kids. It’s one place where every kid wants to visit and have the best of rides and interaction with their favorite Disney characters. Here’s a great opportunity for you to please your kid by planning a trip to Disneyland.

You might worry about the budget which again shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to take your kid there because you can get in touch with a few agents who’ll guide you with the best possible way to save up your budget. Also, during different times of the year there are discounts on special occasions and rides which you can wait for and plan your trip during that point of time in the year. Besides, you shouldn’t think it to be a waste of money because spending a few extra bucks in a place like Disneyland is worth it.

Things you just cannot miss when in Chile

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

travel ChileThe diverse landscape of Chile from the desert of Atacama to the glacier of Patagonia and then the old growth forest to Andes and the Central Valley to Lake District including the island makes a difference to Chile from rest of the world. Most tourist sites of Chile are usually protected areas like national parks, natural reserves and natural monuments.

Few places you can’t afford to miss in Chile is Machu Pichu, Cuzco is a very interesting and beautiful city and historically very rich and a great tourist attraction. North of Chile you can find Andes and some of the highest volcanoes of the world like Ojos del Salado, Laguna Verde and the Nevado Tres Cruces National Park. Some of the world’s best beaches and coastlines are found in North Chile as Bahia Inglesa and La Serena. Chile is also famous for astronomical tourism because of its clear sky of Norte Chico.

Elqui Valley is the other popular destination here where the dazzling green of valley coincides with the slopes of mountain and gives a wonderful view. Easter Islands is renowned for its natural cultural and unique heritage it has some mysterious statutes. Santiago and south Chile is also there in the list of the not to miss sites. Other then these destination Chile’s cuisine and wine are also famous for their brilliant tastes so don’t miss them when you are in Chile.