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Zagreb, Croatia- Where Love, Life and Art Come Together

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Zagreb, CroatiaZagreb, in the heart of Croatia is one of the most beautiful places to visit, while in central Europe. Zagreb’s historical and cultural richness makes it one of the most valuable and beautiful place in Croatia. The gothic culture in the art forms comes alive in Zagreb. Influenced by mid century artists, the buildings, the art forms and even the culture of Zagreb have an intense gothic feel.

Zagreb also has several roadside cafes and restaurants apart from the lavish ones as well. These small restaurants are also well known to hold the heart of the Croatian palate. Croatian cuisine is a complex combination of traditional coastal and continental food. A number of pubs, nightclubs and bars are also present in this compact small, yet exciting little capital city of Croatia. So if you are planning to take a trip to Europe, make sure you don’t give Zagreb a miss.

Mid century mirages and more- Desert Hot Springs, California

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Desert Hot Springs, CaliforniaThe Desert Hot Springs in Riverside County, California is located in the geographic region Coachella Valley and is also commonly known to as the Desert Empire. The Desert Hot Springs in a not so crowded place and is perfect for you if you are looking towards a quiet, calm and relaxing holiday. There are many accommodations available in this particular place. The most amazing thing with the hotels and resorts in this particular place is that every one of them has got natural springs and spas, thereby providing you enough way of relaxing.

The place is believed to be set up above one of the world’s best natural water aquifers. The air and the water here are clean enough. The picturesque scenic beauty of the place is also awesome. The temperature here is also congenial and it is around 5-10 degrees cooler owing to the elevation of the place.

In short it is a perfect place to enjoy road trip in USA at a much low budget.

Havana in Cuba: where life changes perception

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Travel Cuba, travel destinationEvery one of us takes life very much seriously. We are always under huge pressure of work and tension all the time. But your perception about life will really change once you go to Havana in Cuba. Havana in Cuba is a wonderful place with picturesque scenic beauty.

The white sandy beaches and the clear blue sea water give the place a heavenly look. The weather of the place is very much congenial and makes it ideal for having a holiday trip in Havana. There are many places in Havana of tourist interest where you can really visit. There are many shacks and bars and restaurants by the sea side. Enjoying a drink sitting on the shack or in the bar will give you the ultimate relaxation. You will forget every tension of your life and every pressure while in Havana.

The local culture and tradition is also very rich and you will definitely enjoy them. You can enjoy some of the most exotic cuisines also in Havana. Sitting by the sea beach and spending casual time is really a wonderful experience.