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Go Greece

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Greece is a gorgeous country and there are a number of attractive tourist destinations that you must not miss if you plan to go on a trip there. You also need to make sure that the duration of your trip is not very short because that might make you miss out on a lot of the places and you would seriously not want that to happen on an international trip.

Though there are five regional sections in Greece, you should start your trip and also spend more time in the capital, Athens. It is an ancient city, and also the largest city of the country.

Below are some of the popular tourist spots in Athens.

Acropolis: The most famed monument in the world and, a 2400 year old site.
Ancient Agora: In here you will find the ruins of Hellen’s Attalos and Stoa. Agora also includes a museum.
Theatre of Dionysus: This has open air performances all throughout June to September.
Plaka: An old town stretched around Acropolis.
There is also the National Archaeological Museum where you will come across remarkable artefacts.

Moving on to tourist spots in places other than Athens.

Central Greece: This area is known as Attica and it surrounds Athens. Attractions to look out for here are the Pinewood Mountains, Mount Parnes, Pentelico, Hymettus and the beaches. It is a certainty that you will gape at the astonishing landscape of Greece here.
Piraeus: This is the perfect place if you are looking for a break from your hectic city life and work schedule. In this gulf coast which lies just outside Athens, the to do-s are as simple as walking and ferrying.
Cape Sounio: This towering landscape of Greece has the Temple of Poseidon. The most tourist occupied area here is the Apollo coast.
The above list has just covered the main attractions. There are tons of other smaller but beautiful places to visit in Greece.