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Top Things to do In Melbourne

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Located in Australia, a beautiful city of 19th century buildings, and tree lined boulevards along with a modern touch, Melbourne is a must visit city to explore. It is Victoria’s coastal capital. Here is a list of top things which you should do and see while your visit in Melbourne.

Watch wildlife at zoo or aquarium

Melbourne zooVisit Melbourne aquarium located in the king street near the riverside in the Melbourne CBD. Along with the aquarium, also take a visit Melbourne zoo located 4 km to the north of the city CBD. Along with it you can also take a visit to the Healesville sanctuary which is approximately 1 hour east to Melbourne CBD. Go to werribee open range zoo which is 30 minutes south west of the city CBD.

  • Take a look at Antarctic penguins and other 2.2 million liter oceanarium. Try out shark drives which will leave you amazed. It offers you with two options for veteran divers and also for first timers.
  • About more than 320 species, Melbourne zoo offers you with great wildlife experience. This species include gorillas, elephant, meerkats, lions, and orang utans.
  • Healesville sanctuary offers you to experience wildlife pleasures by seeing unique species like kangaroos, dingoes and emus.

Go for hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooningYou can get the flights of this hot air ballooning over Melbourne CBD and yarra valley. If you want some breathtaking views and you also some of the extra money to spend then definitely take a ride of hot air balloon over Melbourne. Melbourne is one of the few cities of the world which permits this experience directly over the skyline. You will get to see the beautiful view of sunrise and cool morning breeze as this balloon ride departs in the early morning to capture the beautiful scene of the morning.

Eureka sky deck

Eureka skydeckSituated near riverside quay at southbank, Eureka sky deck is a must watch place to visit in Melbourne. Eureka sky deck is a highest viewing platform in Melbourne. Overlooking the whole city from such a heighted location is indeed a pleasant view to watch. It will give you an idea as to where you want to go on your list as from such a top you can see all places. It also provides you with all types of natural scenery to boot. For those who have daring can take a step further and feel the joy of sky deck at edge where you will be taken over the edge in a glass box with vision directly into the cityscape.

The Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong rangesSituated just an hour away from Melbourne CBD, Dandenong is such an area which is scenic and offers you several unique and cool activities of its own. If you want some natural peace while you are out of city for a day or two then dandenong ranges are the best place to walk around. The magnificent mountains of dandenong ranges are pretty famous for its towering mountain ash trees and had a beautiful touch of natural scenery, remarkable spots for getting delicious local food, small stores for handcrafted goods and delightful small villages. There are plenty of ways for trading the ranges like you can have a ride on Australia’s gorgeous narrow guage railway through the eye widening blue dandenong ranges.