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3 Things to do in Cuba

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Cuba considered being one of the most tourist visited place which is being loved by many of the people which can be counted in millions. Yes, you heard it right. In accordance to the research held by the Caribbean tourism organisation it is considered to be 2.8 million of people have visiting Cuba last year which is considered to be something and showing up the wow factors for the traveller who are planning of visiting Cuba for their trip. Well, not only that but there are many things to do in Cuba which you must not miss out while planning of going for such because it is considered to be in the benefits of the traveller itself. But as you are going to visit it, it is considered to be showing up the budget and the ideas of spending your money in the perfect manner.

The further information will help you in getting all the details about the things to do in Cuba which you must definitely go for trying it up when you are planning of visiting it for your vacation. Well, there are many things to do in Cuba which you can go for like having a visit to the university of Havana, getting indulged in the architecture of Vedado, going for visiting in Plaza Vieja, etc. and many more of the things to do in Cuba which can help you in the matters of exploring more of the Cuba’s beauty which you must not miss for.

Things to do in Cuba

  1. Visiting Plaza Vieja

Visiting Plaza ViejaAfter having lots of fond things to do in Cuba, you might be tired right? Well for those you can definitely go for enjoying up the sunny day out with your loved ones by visiting the Plaza Vieja which is considered to be listed on the top rated places for the tourist who are visiting Cuba. Enjoy up having the feel of sipping coffee or beer whichever your jam says in the sunny days of the afternoons of Cuba which will make you feel amongst the best experience which you can have for.


  1. University of Havana

University of HavanaWell, it is considered to be one of the beautiful places of Cuba which is also considered to be showing its old construction with the effects of giving you of the late 17’s. University of Havana is being constructed in the year of 1728. It is considered to be the remembrance of the site of social and political effects and protests which are being enjoyed up by the tourists who are visiting it. There were approximately 60000 students which showed their chunk and expertise in almost all the fields and protest to.


  1. Exploring architecture of Vedado

Exploring architecture of VedadoArchitecture of Vedado is considered to be showing up its beauty of the Late 20’s where by the building and its constructions are being preserved. Those building were firstly known by the names of mansions which are being changed according to the time which is being noticed. It is considered to having colorful golden era building with the feel of 70’s and 80’s which you can explore while visiting things to do in Cuba.