3 best beaches in Brazil

best beaches in Brazil, travel to BrazilAre you going to Brazil within a couple of weeks? Well, Brazil is the land of sin kissed beaches and frolicking waters and before you fly to Brazil you need to know about the top three Brazilian beaches? So, do you want to know about them? Well, the first Brazilian beach you need to know about is Alter do Chao. Right in the heart of Brazil’s rainforest, Alter do Chao is just the right place to relax in. Strolling down the river beaches and hogging grilled fish is all you will want to do here.

The second best beach in Brazil is the Fernando de Noronha. Oft described as the paradise, it is an archipelago where finding a beautiful beach is a very easy task. When you are at the Fernanado de Noronha, you must not miss out on Praia do Sancho. The third top beach in Brazil is the Praia do Toque.

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