A perfect holiday destination of Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia

The capital of the state Sabah in Malaysia is Kota Kinabalu which got the name from the great Mount Kinabalu which is very famous around this region. It is a major tourist destination. It serves as a gateway for travelers going to beautiful places like Sabah and Borneo. The Kinabalu National Park has a number of tourist attractions. A numerous number of paradise islands having white sand beaches along with amazing coral reefs is a main attraction there. The tropical rainforest has a great diversity in flora and fauna.

Located immediately next to the airport you would find huge verdant golf courses and also some first-class holiday resorts along with reputed spas. One must be sure to include a visit to the Tun Mustapha that is a landmark of the Sabah state. Tunkul Abdul Rahman Park is a magical marine park that has 5 exotic and breathtaking islands including Mautik, Gaya, Manukan, Sulung and Sapi. All these islands consist of fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. However the best place for honeymooners and couples that are looking out for romantic escapades is Pulau Gaya.

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