Activities to do in Snowdonia

Attraction at Snowdonia, travel tipsSnowdonia is a wonderful place and there are a lot of places to go and a lot of things to do in this area. One of the best attractions of Snowdonia is Ty Hyll. It means the ugly house. According to the legend, it was in the year of 1475 that this structure was built according to the law called “ty un nos” which means house in one night.

The law decreed that if a person could build a house in a single night and get smoke from the chimney within sunrise, he would get a grant of freehold. Another great place to visit in this area is the Conwy Valley Railway Museum. This is a museum that has a huge collection related to railways. There is a model of a scenic railway, a steam railway in a miniature form, a model shop and a lot more. The Swallow Falls is another beautiful place to visit in Snowdonia.

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