Avoid packing extra weight during holidays

Packing for holidays is supposed to be of so much fun. Packing is usually a week to two week project. It may mean at least 4 to 5 pieces of luggage, one for each family member. Each person has his or her own individual needs that have to be remembered. All the attire for that particular climate needs to be packed. Do not forget extra clothes in case your child has an accident, dress clothes for dinner, etc. Items that help the children travel or sleep are essential. Some important tips for packing are the following. Make lists, upon lists, cross out and add as you go along, if you can share clothes amongst the children, please do. This will save on space. If you can do laundry on site this will also save on the amount of luggage needed. Remember to bring only what is necessary and last but most importantly start the packing process early.

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