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Travel vacation to Rome

Monday, February 25th, 2013

travel to romeThe city of Rome is the perfect destination for the lovers of art and history. Established on the banks of River Tiber, each side has something unique to offer. The west bank houses some of the finest restaurants while the other side has several architectural wonders at display.

The Heritage market has a lot to offer, from authentic Italian food items to junk jewellery and souvenirs.

It has many historically significant sites like the Pantheon and Colosseum. To appreciate the art of Michelangelo and Da Vinci one must visit the Vatican City. The city is also the resting place of English poets like Keats and Shelley.

If you want to get away from the city visits the Tuscany countryside and if you are game for adventure then go for a trek of the Mt. Vesuvius. Walk on the cobbled streets of Rome and soak history and its art within yourself.

Culinary attractions in China

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Culinary attractions in ChinaWhen you visit China there are various things that you would want to see because this country has captivating culture and rich tradition which is popular all over the world. Apart from all these it is a great place for people who love to eat and are interested in culinary delights. There are many recipes that goes back to the days when China was first discovered and those Chinese recipes are just mouth watering.

To start with you can taste the tea of China. It is one of the most aromatic teas that you will ever taste in the world and once you do that you would want to drink this tea and no other tea. Next comes the food of China you will get to understand the difference in the taste between the food in North China and that if South China. The foods are rich in garlic, oil and vinegar but you will not find it unhealthy because the ingredients are of top quality.

Top 5 camping destinations in South Africa

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

South Africa campingIf you are looking for destinations to go on a camping trip then the ideal place for you to visit with your friends is South Africa as it is very popular when it comes to camping and Caravan parks. You can check out the internet which will provide you numerous websites on South Africa and on the places of South Africa which are famous for camping trips.

The five top most camping sites located in South Africa are Ngepi Camp situated Namibia which is situated on the treed river island. The second place is Mahai which is placed in the northern part of Drakensberg and this camp site can hold up to four hundred campers where they can camp on the large shaded lawns.

Then there is the third most popular camping site of South Africa which is known as Storms River which is located in the Garden Route which gives you unlimited viewing of the sea without any interference. The fourth and fifth sites are Driehoek Farm situated in Cederberg and the very popular Lower Sabie Rest Camp.

Experience the Great Ocean Road Walk in Melbourne

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

One of the major reasons why the tourists prefer the city of Melbourne in Australia is that everyone wants to have a taste of the walk on the Great Ocean Road, located in Melbourne.

Adorned by a beautiful scenic view and the accompanying wonderful natural atmosphere of the city of Melbourne, together these factors contribute to an enthralling and amazing experience of a walk on the Great Ocean Road. Finding the way for a peaceful and wonderful experience of the mind is sure to lead you to this place, as this place supports as well as enhances the beauty of this majestic tourist spot.

Leading the way to a couple of important cities, this region also serves you as an open gateway to visit all the other beautiful as well as wonderful locations in the city of Melbourne. Surely, a walk here is worth your money, and is guaranteed to provide you the desired pleasure.