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Tips On Kids Travel Bag Packing

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Kids Travel Bag PackingTravelling with family and kids is fun. But it is not just hundred percent of fun. You need to take care of a thousand of things while packing bags, specially that one of your kids. You need to keep in mind their daily needs like their cloths, their foods, their medicines and a lot. Here are some travel-must-haves for your kid’s bag.

Day Travel Gear: There are some necessary travel gears that you must put in your kids bag if you are travelling in the day time. They include handkerchief, body lotion, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, sunglass, hat or cap, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, water bottle, some snacks etc. Some people also put some money in case their kids face any emergency situation. If you are going to some cold region you must put a light sweater in your kid’s bag.

Instant Cleaner: While travelling kids have the habit of eating snacks, sweets, chocolates, juices and other foods constantly. And every time they are least bother about washing their hands. So, to keep them safe from the germs that they carry on their hands while travelling you must pack hand sanitizer. While travelling in car it is often possible that your kid spill off juice. So another important thing to pack is antibacterial wipes for fast cleanups.

Toiletries: Toiletries are very important things while travelling. Toothpaste, toothbrush, baby soap, baby shampoo must be packed in a waterproof pouch and put safely in your kids’ bag.
Medical Kit: You must never forget to pack emergency medical kit in your kids’ bag. The kit must contain thermometer, band aids, antibiotics, anti fungal, aspirin, anti allergic tablets and a cough syrup.

Pass Time: Although you are going on a vacation your kid will need some pass time for him or her. So you must never forget to pack your kid’s video game or Barbie doll in his or her bag.
These are some general things that you must never forget while packing your kid’s bag.

Planning Your Vacation

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

planning your vacationIt’s never too early to start planning your vacation. Trust me, apart from keeping you well ahead in your plans and preparations it also keeps you happy as it reminds you that you have something to look forward to. But planning a tour is no easy task. Usually the preliminaries have a lot to do with your destination and the time of your travel. Other aspects like the duration of the tour, number of people travelling with you, etc, also play their own roles in determining how you go about planning your vacation.

However, things like travel insurance and universally accepted cards should be your constant companion; as should your camera and high spirit. It is always advisable to read up about the place that you intend on visiting. It does not only give you an idea of where you are going and what you should be looking forward, but it also helps you understand the place better while the tour guide fills you in on its history, geography, et al. Preparing yourself for your travel destination will also help you pack in the necessary items needed to explore the place better.

According to the prevalent season of the place you are travelling to, it is important to pack your suitcases with appropriate clothing. Also, you would be wise to make hotel and rental reservations from beforehand to avoid harassment in midst of your holiday. Preparations should also be made in keeping with the nature of your holiday. For example, essentials needed for a camping trip will differ from essentials needed for a regular family outing.
It is also wise to keep your identification and emergency contact numbers handy no matter where and when you decide to go. In conclusion, here’s hoping you plan smart and have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Essentials to carry while camping with little ones

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Camping holidays are fun and are a great way to introduce your little ones to adventures. Are you too on a plan for a camping holiday with your kids? That’s awesome but make sure that you are armed with a proper packing before you set out.

First of all, you must carry a lightweight portable crib along with mosquito net, bedding and pillow. Foe slightly older kids, sleeping bags would be fine. Then, yes, don’t forget the blanket. You will also need to carry camping chairs for kids. Get an extra tent that will serve as play tent and some of their favorite toys to keep the little ones engaged while you are preparing the food. Comfortable clothes and sneakers are other needed add ons on your camping trip.

Camping toilet is another important thing to carry here. Besides, you would pack in insect repellents and all the basic medicines for first aid both for the little ones and adults.

Packing list for your summer holidays

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Packing for your summer vacation is not really a difficult task. Summer holiday destinations generally tend to have hot weather, so you must bring along clothing that is lightweight, in breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. You can pack capri pants or shorts, short sleeved shirts or even sleeveless shirts or the tank tops. Also include clean socks and underwear for every day you are planning to be away. Take a few beach towels for the water play or maybe some sun worshiping on those beautiful beaches and you may want a backpack if your group likes hiking along the mountain trails or maybe just exploring the surrounding countryside. Pack your first aid kit for taking care of any unexpected mishap during your summer trip. Do not forget the insurance cards in the event you have to visit emergency rooms or an urgent care clinic. Have a zipper-styled plastic bag so as to fill it with ice in case you require an ice-pack. You should start the packing process early because then there are less chances on forgetting the most important things that you may need for your summer holiday when you are abroad.

Avoid packing extra weight during holidays

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Packing for holidays is supposed to be of so much fun. Packing is usually a week to two week project. It may mean at least 4 to 5 pieces of luggage, one for each family member. Each person has his or her own individual needs that have to be remembered. All the attire for that particular climate needs to be packed. Do not forget extra clothes in case your child has an accident, dress clothes for dinner, etc. Items that help the children travel or sleep are essential. Some important tips for packing are the following. Make lists, upon lists, cross out and add as you go along, if you can share clothes amongst the children, please do. This will save on space. If you can do laundry on site this will also save on the amount of luggage needed. Remember to bring only what is necessary and last but most importantly start the packing process early.