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3 Things to do in Cuba

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Cuba considered being one of the most tourist visited place which is being loved by many of the people which can be counted in millions. Yes, you heard it right. In accordance to the research held by the Caribbean tourism organisation it is considered to be 2.8 million of people have visiting Cuba last year which is considered to be something and showing up the wow factors for the traveller who are planning of visiting Cuba for their trip. Well, not only that but there are many things to do in Cuba which you must not miss out while planning of going for such because it is considered to be in the benefits of the traveller itself. But as you are going to visit it, it is considered to be showing up the budget and the ideas of spending your money in the perfect manner.

The further information will help you in getting all the details about the things to do in Cuba which you must definitely go for trying it up when you are planning of visiting it for your vacation. Well, there are many things to do in Cuba which you can go for like having a visit to the university of Havana, getting indulged in the architecture of Vedado, going for visiting in Plaza Vieja, etc. and many more of the things to do in Cuba which can help you in the matters of exploring more of the Cuba’s beauty which you must not miss for.

Things to do in Cuba

  1. Visiting Plaza Vieja

Visiting Plaza ViejaAfter having lots of fond things to do in Cuba, you might be tired right? Well for those you can definitely go for enjoying up the sunny day out with your loved ones by visiting the Plaza Vieja which is considered to be listed on the top rated places for the tourist who are visiting Cuba. Enjoy up having the feel of sipping coffee or beer whichever your jam says in the sunny days of the afternoons of Cuba which will make you feel amongst the best experience which you can have for.


  1. University of Havana

University of HavanaWell, it is considered to be one of the beautiful places of Cuba which is also considered to be showing its old construction with the effects of giving you of the late 17’s. University of Havana is being constructed in the year of 1728. It is considered to be the remembrance of the site of social and political effects and protests which are being enjoyed up by the tourists who are visiting it. There were approximately 60000 students which showed their chunk and expertise in almost all the fields and protest to.


  1. Exploring architecture of Vedado

Exploring architecture of VedadoArchitecture of Vedado is considered to be showing up its beauty of the Late 20’s where by the building and its constructions are being preserved. Those building were firstly known by the names of mansions which are being changed according to the time which is being noticed. It is considered to having colorful golden era building with the feel of 70’s and 80’s which you can explore while visiting things to do in Cuba.

Top Things to do In Melbourne

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Located in Australia, a beautiful city of 19th century buildings, and tree lined boulevards along with a modern touch, Melbourne is a must visit city to explore. It is Victoria’s coastal capital. Here is a list of top things which you should do and see while your visit in Melbourne.

Watch wildlife at zoo or aquarium

Melbourne zooVisit Melbourne aquarium located in the king street near the riverside in the Melbourne CBD. Along with the aquarium, also take a visit Melbourne zoo located 4 km to the north of the city CBD. Along with it you can also take a visit to the Healesville sanctuary which is approximately 1 hour east to Melbourne CBD. Go to werribee open range zoo which is 30 minutes south west of the city CBD.

  • Take a look at Antarctic penguins and other 2.2 million liter oceanarium. Try out shark drives which will leave you amazed. It offers you with two options for veteran divers and also for first timers.
  • About more than 320 species, Melbourne zoo offers you with great wildlife experience. This species include gorillas, elephant, meerkats, lions, and orang utans.
  • Healesville sanctuary offers you to experience wildlife pleasures by seeing unique species like kangaroos, dingoes and emus.

Go for hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooningYou can get the flights of this hot air ballooning over Melbourne CBD and yarra valley. If you want some breathtaking views and you also some of the extra money to spend then definitely take a ride of hot air balloon over Melbourne. Melbourne is one of the few cities of the world which permits this experience directly over the skyline. You will get to see the beautiful view of sunrise and cool morning breeze as this balloon ride departs in the early morning to capture the beautiful scene of the morning.

Eureka sky deck

Eureka skydeckSituated near riverside quay at southbank, Eureka sky deck is a must watch place to visit in Melbourne. Eureka sky deck is a highest viewing platform in Melbourne. Overlooking the whole city from such a heighted location is indeed a pleasant view to watch. It will give you an idea as to where you want to go on your list as from such a top you can see all places. It also provides you with all types of natural scenery to boot. For those who have daring can take a step further and feel the joy of sky deck at edge where you will be taken over the edge in a glass box with vision directly into the cityscape.

The Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong rangesSituated just an hour away from Melbourne CBD, Dandenong is such an area which is scenic and offers you several unique and cool activities of its own. If you want some natural peace while you are out of city for a day or two then dandenong ranges are the best place to walk around. The magnificent mountains of dandenong ranges are pretty famous for its towering mountain ash trees and had a beautiful touch of natural scenery, remarkable spots for getting delicious local food, small stores for handcrafted goods and delightful small villages. There are plenty of ways for trading the ranges like you can have a ride on Australia’s gorgeous narrow guage railway through the eye widening blue dandenong ranges.

Honeymoon Trip To Virginia

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Setting off to Virginia will be a good plan for your honeymoon trip. It is a popular place and the waterfront fun is something that you will want to enjoy. This city has the longest stretch of public beach in all of United States. The fact that there are so many activities to perform and things to see is what makes the Virginia beaches so popular. You can go out in the water and have fun or you can spend some quality time with your partner lying down under the sun. The beach however has plenty of things which you can try out. The beaches around the resort areas have several street performers who play live music. There are small beach parties which are ongoing all throughout the day.

Since you will be going for a honeymoon you may want to have some peaceful time with your wife. The Sandbridge and the Chesapeake Bay both has a cool and calm atmosphere which takes you away from the busy life. The silence and the serenity of the place can be heartfelt. You will have plenty of things to do such as kayaking the waters or you can also try swimming with the dolphins.

The city also has several golf courses, a big aquarium and numerous museums. On a honeymoon trip you will surely want to buy something to your wife. There are many shopping centers in the city along with numerous boutiques where you can spend the whole day buying stuff. For dining, there are some beautiful restaurants with some of the best cuisines in the world. Like for reference, you can check out some restaurants like Richmonds restaurants, Arlington restaurants, Chesapeake restaurants, Hampton restaurants. Delicious dishes served with proper care is the key here for all these restaurants.

Go Goa- The Famous Holiday Destination!!!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Goa The Famous Holiday DestinationGoa is one of the major tourist attractions for people from all over the world and one of the ideal holiday destinations in India. It has amazing landscape, natural beauty and some of the hot tourist spots that make this place rank top in the list of various travelers. Along with its spectacular nature, it has a rich cultural heritage, old buildings, some of the most beautiful churches, villages and all of these together make it even more special.

The beaches of Goa with its azure waters are beautiful. Some of the outstanding beaches that definitely worth a visit are Majorda beach (it has the longest and the biggest coastal line in Goa), Mobor, Candolim, Velsao, and many more. The Dudhsagar waterfalls located the border of Goa is an ideal location for picnics and must be visited especially during the monsoons to enjoy the strong gushing flow of the water. Churches of Goa also stand out as amazing tourist spots. The culture and religion of Goa is greatly influenced by the Europeans. The Portuguese were occupied with the fact that they had to convert all the people of Goa and build churches, and therefore today Goa has many churches. The interiors are inspired by European architecture and colorful glass windows. Old Goa is wee known for its Cathedrals such as Bom Jesus Basilica and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

The Spice Plantations in Goa is also worthy of a visit. You can enjoy the scenery and have a spicy lunch there. The Lamuga cave is very famous. It is decorated with the growth of palm tree. An amazing stream nearby adds to the serenity of the place. Goa also boasts its finest and top rated Hotels. Park Hyatt Goa in Cansaulim is a 5 star hotel and is impeccable in terms of its services, luxury, excellently furnished rooms, and hospitality.

Havana in Cuba: where life changes perception

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Travel Cuba, travel destinationEvery one of us takes life very much seriously. We are always under huge pressure of work and tension all the time. But your perception about life will really change once you go to Havana in Cuba. Havana in Cuba is a wonderful place with picturesque scenic beauty.

The white sandy beaches and the clear blue sea water give the place a heavenly look. The weather of the place is very much congenial and makes it ideal for having a holiday trip in Havana. There are many places in Havana of tourist interest where you can really visit. There are many shacks and bars and restaurants by the sea side. Enjoying a drink sitting on the shack or in the bar will give you the ultimate relaxation. You will forget every tension of your life and every pressure while in Havana.

The local culture and tradition is also very rich and you will definitely enjoy them. You can enjoy some of the most exotic cuisines also in Havana. Sitting by the sea beach and spending casual time is really a wonderful experience.

Experience The Mystic Aura Of Taj Mahal

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Taj Mahal, travel IndiaThe Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the seven wonders of India was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. The Taj Mahal is built of marbles which are intricately designed. The beauty of the Taj Mahal is a heavenly one and anyone visiting India must not miss the awesome beauty of this monument.

The Taj Mahal looks even more beautiful if you visit it on some full moon day. The light from the moon gets reflected from the marble body of the monument. It sparkles and glitters like anything. It is a really heavenly scene and anyone will get mesmerized with the view of the Taj Mahal. Moreover the Yamuna River flowing by the Taj Mahal makes the environment much cool and comfortable.

The reflection of the Taj on the water of the Yamuna on a full moon day is a really heavenly view and you will remember for the rest of your life. So, to enjoy the aura and the mysterious look of the Taj Mahal visit it after the sunset and better if on some full moon day.

The Nine Hells of Beppu

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Travel Japan, travel destinationIf you like adventure and unusual places then you should take a trip to Japan this year to visit the “nine hells of Beppu”. The name itself sounds very interesting and it’s actually a very unusual and interesting place. It’s located in the island called Kyūshū in Japan. This area is also called the land of steam because it produces the world second largest reserve or geothermal energy through steams and springs.

The odd thing is that each of these “nine hells” has their own color. There are ponds and lakes in this area which have a mysterious steam hanging over them all throughout the lake. Some are in this small town and some are high up in the mountains. Some are even 120 meters deep. Each of these water bodies are at least 90 degree Celsius hot. There is a pool called the Umi Jigoku which has clear bright turquoise essence for some reason.

Morzine – The best family holiday destination

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Travel Morzine, family holidayIf you are looking forward to take a vacation, get away from the chaos and disturbance of the city and spend some valuable time with your family then Morzine is the best option for you. All you need to do is plan your vacation in advance, and arrive with your family for a fulfilling vacation. Morzine has a lot to offer to families willing to spend some great time together and enjoy nature at its best. There are many places that you can visit along with your family and capture the experience in your mind however.

If you are a lover of good food and comfortable stay then you will not be disappointed to visit Morzine. It offers the best in terms of a blissful and satisfying vacation where you can breathe out the pollution from your lungs and breathe in the freshness of the place, enough to recharge you to go back to work again!

Great gambling city, Las Vegas

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Las Vegas, travel USAThe city of Las Vegas is also termed as the gambling Mecca of the world. It’s a city of light and colors, situated in the southern Nevada desert. Moving around and staying in this city is not a problem for any tourists. The city hosts lots of top rated hotels in the whole of the USA.

Some Of The Attractions For Tourists That Las Vegas Provides Other Than The Gambling:

• The Atomic testing museum, this huge hall of 8000 square feet, exhibits some great artifacts from the Smithsonian Institution.
• Visit the 24 hour, Bellagio conservatory and the Botanical garden.
• You can visit the old western town of Bonnie Springs, Old Nevada. This is an old mining town. Now provides attractions such as a simulated cowboy gun fight.
• Don’t miss the Ethel’s chocolate lounge and the cactus garden.
• Test your Karting skills in Las Vegas mini grand prix.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Travel Abu Dhabi, travel destinationShopping in Abu Dhabi is like the dream come true since the shopping experiences you get there is unmatched and simply irresistible as Abu Dhabi being amongst the seven largest emirates in the world has great shopping malls and offers great discounts on purchase of products. It has traditional shopping malls which are most famous attractions for tourists and moreover hourly contests and offers are held very often which provides great prizes and exciting discounts on shopping. The shopping experience in Abu Dhabi is quite amazing since it has great shopping malls to be featured and you can get any product at extremely low price.

Electronic items, perfumes and jewelleries are amongst the most popular items in shopping malls of Abu Dhabi to be named The Old Souk Market is the renowned shopping mall which offers enticing including beverages, electronic items, sweets, clothes and many more to be named which are available at bargain price.