Culinary attractions in China

Culinary attractions in ChinaWhen you visit China there are various things that you would want to see because this country has captivating culture and rich tradition which is popular all over the world. Apart from all these it is a great place for people who love to eat and are interested in culinary delights. There are many recipes that goes back to the days when China was first discovered and those Chinese recipes are just mouth watering.

To start with you can taste the tea of China. It is one of the most aromatic teas that you will ever taste in the world and once you do that you would want to drink this tea and no other tea. Next comes the food of China you will get to understand the difference in the taste between the food in North China and that if South China. The foods are rich in garlic, oil and vinegar but you will not find it unhealthy because the ingredients are of top quality.

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