Exploring exotic Rio

Travel Brazil, travel guidePeople who are fond of touring places have said that if you want to have fun then Rio is best place that you should go to. Rio de Janerio, an urban city, is one of the most wonderful and charming places that the world has known. It boasts of its beautiful people, the white sand beaches, and the great surfs and not to forget the largest urban rainforest. It also has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer.

This will surely leave a big impression when you go back home. If you have a knack for history then you must pay a visit to the bohemian neighborhood of Santa Tereza. Over the years it has attracted people due to its charm and historic significance. The moment you visit Rio you will be surrounded by trees. Not that it is a jungle but the greenery is just superb. That is why the Botanical Garden is so famous there.

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