Have fun in Patong Beach

Patong Beach, travel to PatongPatong beach is one of the most frequented tourist spots in Phuket. The beach pulls up a great host of visitors every year with its pristine white stretch, panoramic beauty as well as a vast length of amazing attractions.

Your hit to Patong can never be complete without a night at Simon Cabaret. The world famous cabaret show features beautiful transgender & transvestite entertainers who are remarkably skilled and a delight to watch along with the clever choreography, superb background and fabulous costumes. Then you have the Bangla Road, which is the liveliest party space in Patong is experienced best at the night.

You will also love the Shell World Museum which houses umpteen number of unique and colorful sea shells from around 1,382 species gathered from nearly 135 countries worldwide. You will find a giant shell there which weighs somewhat around 200 kg. Patong is also famous for its relaxing Aussie bars.

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