Mid century mirages and more- Desert Hot Springs, California

Desert Hot Springs, CaliforniaThe Desert Hot Springs in Riverside County, California is located in the geographic region Coachella Valley and is also commonly known to as the Desert Empire. The Desert Hot Springs in a not so crowded place and is perfect for you if you are looking towards a quiet, calm and relaxing holiday. There are many accommodations available in this particular place. The most amazing thing with the hotels and resorts in this particular place is that every one of them has got natural springs and spas, thereby providing you enough way of relaxing.

The place is believed to be set up above one of the world’s best natural water aquifers. The air and the water here are clean enough. The picturesque scenic beauty of the place is also awesome. The temperature here is also congenial and it is around 5-10 degrees cooler owing to the elevation of the place.

In short it is a perfect place to enjoy road trip in USA at a much low budget.

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