Go Goa- The Famous Holiday Destination!!!

November 8th, 2013 by cooldude

Goa The Famous Holiday DestinationGoa is one of the major tourist attractions for people from all over the world and one of the ideal holiday destinations in India. It has amazing landscape, natural beauty and some of the hot tourist spots that make this place rank top in the list of various travelers. Along with its spectacular nature, it has a rich cultural heritage, old buildings, some of the most beautiful churches, villages and all of these together make it even more special.

The beaches of Goa with its azure waters are beautiful. Some of the outstanding beaches that definitely worth a visit are Majorda beach (it has the longest and the biggest coastal line in Goa), Mobor, Candolim, Velsao, and many more. The Dudhsagar waterfalls located the border of Goa is an ideal location for picnics and must be visited especially during the monsoons to enjoy the strong gushing flow of the water. Churches of Goa also stand out as amazing tourist spots. The culture and religion of Goa is greatly influenced by the Europeans. The Portuguese were occupied with the fact that they had to convert all the people of Goa and build churches, and therefore today Goa has many churches. The interiors are inspired by European architecture and colorful glass windows. Old Goa is wee known for its Cathedrals such as Bom Jesus Basilica and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

The Spice Plantations in Goa is also worthy of a visit. You can enjoy the scenery and have a spicy lunch there. The Lamuga cave is very famous. It is decorated with the growth of palm tree. An amazing stream nearby adds to the serenity of the place. Goa also boasts its finest and top rated Hotels. Park Hyatt Goa in Cansaulim is a 5 star hotel and is impeccable in terms of its services, luxury, excellently furnished rooms, and hospitality.

Saving Money For A Dream Vacation

October 9th, 2013 by cooldude

Dream VacationToday most of you must be very busy with your professional lives. But it is necessary that you take break from your professional life as and when required so that you do not become a complete workaholic. The best way to take a break from your work is by going on a relaxing vacation. However due to reasons such as global economic crisis, debt mismanagement and massive unemployment, majority of the people suffer from financial constraints and cannot plan their dream holiday. Dream holidays are generally very expensive as well. Thus you have to set aside money judiciously every month or year.

In order to plan the perfect dream vacation, you must brush up certain money saving skills. You must set up a travel budget so that you can save money in accordance with that budget. Evaluate your income and expenses appropriately so that you can set aside some amount of money for your dream holiday. It will be a smart move on your part to open a brand new savings account so that you can save your travel money on this account directly.

If you only have one source of income then you must try to increase your sources in one way or the other. Take up extra jobs, online surveys or sell unnecessary things on online stores so that you get extra money apart from your monthly fixed income. It is obvious that you want to go on a vacation with your family. Therefore it will be best if you can encourage the members of your family to save money.
Any unnecessary expenses should be avoided at all times. You must try and cut down on certain luxuries so that you can arrange for a comfortable and relaxing dream vacation. After you have saved up enough money, you can plan the dream vacation properly and conveniently.

What to Pack for an Educational Trip?

October 8th, 2013 by cooldude

Educational TripTravel has become a very essential educational tool that broadens the overall outlook of young students and helps them gain knowledge of a variety of things very quickly and expediently. Visiting different places for educational trips can be very welcoming and can make learning a fun experience for students. If you are a student who has to go for an educational trip then it is advised that you travel with minimum baggage. This article will guide you when you are packing things for your educational trip.

Always carry one bag for an educational trip. Do not carry a heavy suitcase. Pack things in a small suitcase, the ones with the wheels preferably. A lightweight nylon or canvas bag can also be utilized for these kinds of educational traveling purposes. Avoid using leather bags as they are heavy. Remember to use a name tag on your luggage so that you do not lose it.

Before you pack anything in your bag or small suitcase ensure that you have made a compact list of all the things that you will require during your trip so that you do not forget essential things. In accordance to the weather conditions of the place you are going, you must pack your clothing. Just pack two pairs of shoes for your educational trip. If possible carry your own personal toiletries so that you can avoid buying them in the place you are visiting and thus save time and money.

In case you are suffering from some disease then you must carry the prescribed medicines. Even if you are not suffering from any illness you have to pack medicines for things like common cold, constipation, loose motions, gastric problems, headache etc. Carry your contact lenses and extra pair of eyeglasses. In order to enjoy to the fullest on an educational trip, avoid carrying heavy luggage.

Budget-friendly Tips For A Safari In Kenya

October 4th, 2013 by cooldude

Safari In KenyaIf you are planning to go to Africa and undertake a safari trip in Kenya then it is going to be the best decision of your life. However, you must keep in mind that a safari trip in Kenya can turn out to be very expensive if you do not know anything about the place. This article will highlight certain things that you should understand and keep in mind before actually visiting Kenya for a safari trip.

Firstly, you must try to research about all the famous safari places in Kenya and make a list of the places you want to visit for sure. After you make that list, ensure that you get all the information about those places like the accommodation facilities, ticket fares and so on. Once you know that, you can plan your budget for the safari and make sure that you do not miss out any of the expenses that might be incurred in the safari trip in Kenya. According to the budget you can cross out the name of any place that will turn out to be very expensive for you.

You will surely want to travel around Kenya in the luxury of a jeep or car. But then hiring a car or jeep can be something that you cannot afford as it will exceed your prepared budget. Thus it is advised that you utilize the buses as a means of transportation in Kenya especially when you have to travel long distances. A Matatu can be utilized by you for traveling short distances. Matatus are inexpensive minibuses and minivans that are very popular in Kenya.
Most of the local restaurants in Kenya are affordable. Thus try and eat more and more local food in Kenya. Avoid costly hotels and spend the night at the various campsites found in numerous places in Kenya.

Top 5 Sri Lankan Beaches

August 29th, 2013 by cooldude

Sri Lankan BeachesSri Lanka is an island country located in the tropical region. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on all sides and thus has a congenial climate round the year. The island in full of picturesque places you should definitely visit. There are many lush green tropical forests in this country which are really a visual pleasure for you. There are many things to do also once you are in Sri Lanka. The most important thing that you should not miss is to spend a quality amount of time in the beaches here. There are many world famous beaches in Sri Lanka where people from around the world love to come and spend a calm and serene holiday. So before you land in Sri Lanka, you should have enough knowledge about the famous beaches of the country.

The beach in Arugam Bay is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. It is located at a distance of 314 kilometers from the capital city of Colombo. This bay is a perfect surfing destination. You must spend a day in the resorts near the beach to enjoy the real spice of the place. You can also participate in a lot of underwater activities.

The Negombo beach, located near Colombo, is one of many fishing beaches of the country. You can enjoy your time lying under the sun here. The place is serene and beautiful. Probably the most breathtaking beach of the island country is the Nilaweli beach. You can spend a relaxing time in this white sandy beach with clear water under the shade of the pine trees.

Bentota beach is mainly famous for the plethora of adventurous water activities that it offers. You can indulge in activities like surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc in this place. The Unawatuna beach has turquoise blue water where you can do under water diving to see the corals amongst the schools of fishes passing by.

Planning Your Vacation

August 24th, 2013 by cooldude

planning your vacationIt’s never too early to start planning your vacation. Trust me, apart from keeping you well ahead in your plans and preparations it also keeps you happy as it reminds you that you have something to look forward to. But planning a tour is no easy task. Usually the preliminaries have a lot to do with your destination and the time of your travel. Other aspects like the duration of the tour, number of people travelling with you, etc, also play their own roles in determining how you go about planning your vacation.

However, things like travel insurance and universally accepted cards should be your constant companion; as should your camera and high spirit. It is always advisable to read up about the place that you intend on visiting. It does not only give you an idea of where you are going and what you should be looking forward, but it also helps you understand the place better while the tour guide fills you in on its history, geography, et al. Preparing yourself for your travel destination will also help you pack in the necessary items needed to explore the place better.

According to the prevalent season of the place you are travelling to, it is important to pack your suitcases with appropriate clothing. Also, you would be wise to make hotel and rental reservations from beforehand to avoid harassment in midst of your holiday. Preparations should also be made in keeping with the nature of your holiday. For example, essentials needed for a camping trip will differ from essentials needed for a regular family outing.
It is also wise to keep your identification and emergency contact numbers handy no matter where and when you decide to go. In conclusion, here’s hoping you plan smart and have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Essentials to carry while camping with little ones

June 26th, 2013 by cooldude

Camping holidays are fun and are a great way to introduce your little ones to adventures. Are you too on a plan for a camping holiday with your kids? That’s awesome but make sure that you are armed with a proper packing before you set out.

First of all, you must carry a lightweight portable crib along with mosquito net, bedding and pillow. Foe slightly older kids, sleeping bags would be fine. Then, yes, don’t forget the blanket. You will also need to carry camping chairs for kids. Get an extra tent that will serve as play tent and some of their favorite toys to keep the little ones engaged while you are preparing the food. Comfortable clothes and sneakers are other needed add ons on your camping trip.

Camping toilet is another important thing to carry here. Besides, you would pack in insect repellents and all the basic medicines for first aid both for the little ones and adults.

Tips for a perfect vacation at the Hawaii

June 14th, 2013 by cooldude

kauai vacation rentalsIf you are thinking about enjoy the Hawaiian Islands which is nothing less than paradise, then you must plan everything in advance. Every Hawaiian Island has its own specialty and you can enjoy the opulent beauty with adequate information. Here are some useful tips to make your vacation even more exquisite.

Firstly, decide the time duration of the vacation and then prioritize your main interests. Whether you want to enjoy a fun filled night by the beach side or you wish to relax and study the luxurious surrounding and determine the islands that make it to your traveling list. For enjoying magnificent landscape and a quite romantic beach vacation, the vacation rentals in Kauai are perfect.

If you want to shop, party and enjoy after sunset, Honolulu is the place to be. For snorkeling with dolphins, cycling through Mount Haleakala, golfing and other adventure sports, you should visit Maui. Finally, for getting a taste of everything you can enjoy at the Island of Hawaii which is the largest among all of the Hawaiian Islands.

What is travel insurance?

June 6th, 2013 by cooldude

You must be well acquainted with the concept of insurance. It is a service provided by companies to protect you whenever you are in some danger or problem. In line with the popular insurances such as life insurance, medical insurance, the concept of travel insurance has also become much popular and widely used these days. This type of insurance protects the rights of the beneficiaries more specifically the travelers if they incur any loss during their travel.

Normally many travel agencies include the insurance premium in their total tour cost. But the coverage of this type of insurance is very limited. You can also buy travel insurance from traditional insurance company. There are many factors that decide the type of insurance you need. Depending on the amount you want to insure, the coverage of your insurance, etc, the premium varies.

Most often people don’t want to incur additional cost and so they skip the idea of travel insurance. But whenever you are travelling somewhere be it domestic or international, make sure that you get yourself travel insurance.


Tips for preparing for a solo skiing trip

May 28th, 2013 by cooldude

Do you love to ski and have been planning to go skiing in Iceland for a long time now? Well, Iceland is a country which offers a lot of skiing opportunities and you will surely have a lot of fun on the slops there. However, if you are going on a solo skiing trip, then here are a few things that you will have to keep in mind.

Firstly, while you are making arrangements for the trip, first check out how much daylight is expected. You will also have to ensure that whether the ski resort you are planning to put up in offers night skiing and half day lift tickets or not. Secondly, while packing for the trip, make sure that you carry comfortable clothes that you can wear of the slopes. Ski pants, ski jackets, gloves and caps are a must. Third, if you want to rent the skiing equipment, you must check out beforehand the bindings at local ski shops.