Places to visit on a holiday in Vietnam

The eastern most country on the peninsula of Southeast Asia is Vietnam. As a result of its unique natural beauty and its favorable geographical location, it has become one of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide. Do son, Ha long, Vung Tau are some of the names of the beautiful beaches that this country boasts of. There are almost 20 such beaches that are worth visiting. The Dalat city tourist resort is the best place that you can stay while your visit in this country. National parks such as Cuc Phuong, Cat Ba are worth visiting because of their rich flora and fauna. You can also visit the bird sanctuaries while your stay in this country. Some of the famous bird sanctuaries to name are Minh Hai and Tam Nong. Some places such as Ha Long Bayis, Sapais, Sam Son Beach, Bich Dong (Blue Cave), Cuc Phuong National Parkhas the Dan Dan grotto, the Ancient Men Cave, hot springs, and dracontomelum, Hoi An, Huehas are some beautiful ancient towns that you can visit while your stay in Vietnam.

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