Planning a romantic getaway to Rome

Travel Rome, romantic destinationVisiting Rome with the love of your life will undoubtedly be one of the romantic experiences of your life. So, before you are in Rome, you need to decide on all the romantic things you want to indulge in there.

When you are in Rome with your partner, you must definitely soak in the charm of Rome at twilight. And one of the best ways to do this is by signing up for the “Rome at Twilight among the Piazzas and Fountains” tour. It is a three hour tour and you will be able to see all the best sights of the city. You must also take your partner to the Trevi Fountain, the most stunning and largest Baroque fountain in Rome. According to belief, throwing one coin guarantees another visit to Rome, two coins guarantee a new romance and three coins guarantee marriage. Since you are on a romantic break, throwing two coins is a definite no-no! You must also enjoy the sinfully delicious gelatos.

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