Pros And Cons Of Train Travel

Travel in train, travel tipsTrain travel in India is one of the best ways of getting to places in the country, the fares are pretty low and the experiences are fun to remember, unlike airplanes with windows staring into the blank peaceful sky there is always a view to be taken. The berths are reasonably comfortable with air-conditioned and non air-conditioned facilities available and the timings are near perfect compared to the recent past.

As far as the cons are concerned the amenities provided are lacking, the passenger satisfaction survey reveals lack of security, lack of proper food and lack of washroom facilities.

Even sometimes the co passengers can be a pain in the neck with regular questions directed at personal places, some do tend to liven up the mood but most tend to be irritating and irksome with nasty behaviors. With rails covering all over the country, Indian railways just cannot be ignored.

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