Saint Lucia: why is a perfect destination for history buffs?

Saint Lucia, travel tipsIf you are a history buff and want to holiday in a spot that will help to reminiscence the old times, Saint Lucia is just the place for you. The beautiful island country of Saint Lucia is rich in heritage and the length and breadth of the island is covered with ruins and sites that can take you back in time. So, if you visit Saint Lucia, here is a list of places that you definitely must visit.

You must definitely visit the Morne Fortune which is the place where the British and the French fought against each other to gain possession over Saint Lucia. At the top pf the Morne is the Fort Charlotte, which was started by the French and completed by the British. You must also visit the Pigeon Island National Park that plays an extremely important role in the history of Saint Lucia. Visiting the Pitons and Sulphur Springs is a must as well.

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