Sentosa Island, a main attraction Singapore offers

Sentosa Island is one of the major tourist attractions from Singapore drawing large number of tourists every year. The island is designed with varied theme park amazements like sports grounds, picnic spots, beaches, cafes, shops, museums and many more.

The place is just fifteen minutes from central business zone and can be smoothly reached by any public transport. Among the different tourist attractions here, you have Sentosa Merlion, the 38 metre tall statue of Merlion (half-lion, half-fish, which is the Singapore national symbol). The visitors to Sentosa also love to reach “The Sky Tower” which is constructed at highest point on the island offering you with a wonder 360 degree vista of Sentosa and parts of Singapore.

Don’t miss the “Images of Singapore”, a great wax museum displaying the interesting history of the place. You would also appreciate Sentosa’s Underwater World which gives you a close up of Singapore’s aquatic life including stingrays and sharks. Lastly, Sentosa is even famous for its exquisite shopping and dining destinations, great accommodations and a fantastic nightlife.

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