The Nine Hells of Beppu

Travel Japan, travel destinationIf you like adventure and unusual places then you should take a trip to Japan this year to visit the “nine hells of Beppu”. The name itself sounds very interesting and it’s actually a very unusual and interesting place. It’s located in the island called Kyūshū in Japan. This area is also called the land of steam because it produces the world second largest reserve or geothermal energy through steams and springs.

The odd thing is that each of these “nine hells” has their own color. There are ponds and lakes in this area which have a mysterious steam hanging over them all throughout the lake. Some are in this small town and some are high up in the mountains. Some are even 120 meters deep. Each of these water bodies are at least 90 degree Celsius hot. There is a pool called the Umi Jigoku which has clear bright turquoise essence for some reason.

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