Things to do while holidaying in Whitby

The most perfect seaside resorts with a heart of history pinned down on a deep valley located on the North of Yorkshire coast is Whitby. This is the place where the film Dracula was shot Some of the most special and amazing attractions of Whitby or the must watch locations of Whitby are such as the 199 stone steps that gives the tourists a wonderful view of the entire Whitby harbor. At the top of the steps is the St Mary’s Church which adds to the beauty. Then there is a photograph of Henry Freeman in the then-new cork flotation jacket. Whitby is one of our most perfect seaside resorts. Some more attractions are the annual Musicport, which promotes live music and music education through Whitby and its surrounding area, Henrietta Street lined with a series of terraced cottages. The Moors Centre, Captain Cook Memorial Museum and The Lighthouse are some of the special attractions of Whitby.

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