Top 3 Destinations to Spend the Festive Season In

Festive vacation, travel destinationPlanning to go away on a holiday with family or friends this Christmas? Read on to find out about the hottest and most exciting places to travel during the Christmas time. If you want to give your kids the Christmas holiday of their life then you should definitely go to Finland to pay a visit to the famous Santa Claus Village. There are traditional Santa sleighs around the place and the whole town comes alive with lights, carols, and decorations during this time of the year.

One place which is always alive with the pulsating busy streets full of enthusiastic people enjoying, shopping, and exploring the place during Christmas is New York City. The snow, the wonderful starry lights and the grand Christmas celebrations with the various night clubs, bars, and food joints will definitely make your have a wonderful Christmas-the city style. If you want a change of weather conditions, do take a trip Down Under to Bondi Beach. Its summertime in Australia in Christmas and it’ll be a brand new experience for you.

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