Top 5 Scenic Sunset in Hawaii

hawaii sunsetThe first thought that strikes to the mind when it comes about beach is Hawaiian beaches. Hawaii is the most famous place where you can enjoy with your family, friends, relative the scenic atmosphere of beach with all the luxurious benefits. Hawaii is considered as the only state which is situated in the oceanic arena of US country. Hawaii is honored for its beautiful greenery and pleasant atmosphere. Hawaii itself consists of many islands in it which makes Hawaii as the most beautiful destination to explore the beach ideas and vacations of the people. Climate of Hawaii is very pleasant and charming. It has warm and humid climate which is favorable for the tourists visiting the beach. The taste of Hawaiian culture and its beauty gives rise to the tourist attraction towards the beaches. Talking about the sunset, there are different places in Hawaii which can be experienced for best sunset destination in Hawaii. They are:

Scenic Sunsets:

  1. Poipu, Kauai

The scenery of Poipu in Kauai is very fascinating which attracts the tourists to visit and enjoy the sunset there. The glace of sun setting is very mesmerizing and gives a clam effect to the visitors visiting it. The colors of sky changes according to the sunset and a flavor of mild saffron is observed in the air of the beach. Not only the sunset but also the marine life of the beach is very beautiful which the visitors enjoy swimming and fishing with fishes all around the beach.


  1. Kaanapali, Maui

The Kaanapali beach of Maui is famous for its resorts and charming crowd all around the beach. This beach has white sand all around which gives a snowy glace to the visitors visiting it. The best time to visit this beach in the whole day is the sunset period. You will find different shades of colors and the effect of those colors on the beach sand, the dreamy coconut trees breeze which will create a romantic ambiance for the visitors. Visitors enjoy the sunbath at the time of its sunset because it gives the charming effect to the visitors.


  1. Kailua Kona, Big Island

This beach is measured for its royalty of Hawaii. Kailua Kona beach is the part of big islands which was considered as the government in earlier times but than it was turned to the small village which was attracted by many visitors every year. This beach has volcanic stones near it which gives the black and dark effect on the beach. And the sunset of this beach is intriguing to the visitors. The dark effect of the beach and the mixture of sunset are liked by the visitors visiting it.


  1. North Shore, Ohau

The waves of North Shore beach is the best thing which the visitors love to experience. The beautiful waves of the beach combining the upshot of sunset makes this beach famous for the visitors. The most popular place where visitors enjoy their camera  and capture the beautiful sunny sunset.


  1. Waikiki Beach, Ohau

Waikiki beach is the most famous beach of Hawaii. This beach is well known for its sand, the charming climate, the luxurious resorts and what not. It consists of beautiful waves which gives the visitors to surf with a large area in the beach. The surfing area with the sunset on the beach makes it the best beach of Hawaii.

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