Top 5 weird museums in the world

weird museums, historical vacationIf you have this thing for weird and quirky stuff then you can actually take a vacation that includes the weirdest museums in the world. These museums have the strangest things and display, and though they may be weird they enrich your knowledge in their own way. Here is a list of the top five weird museums in the world:

• Cockroach Hall of Fame and Museum: If you have a thing for insects, especially roaches then this museum is a must visit. From a diverse collection of dead and alive roaches, this museum has everything.
• Icelandic Phallological Museum: considered to be the world’s most phallus museum and it has a diverse display of penises that have been preserved in formaldehyde.
• Museum of Holy Souls: This museum has traces of dead souls on display who got stuck on their way to hell or heaven.
• Museum of bad art: this museum is dedicated to the collection and preservation of every bad form of art.
• British Lawnmower Museum: around 200 and more types of lawnmowers that have been used since early times by Brits to keep their lawns in shape.

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