Vacation in Tokyo

tokyo travelTokyo, Japan is regarded as one of the most amazing places all over the world. It also presents a variety of items to discover. Tokyo also has best resorts for outstanding lodging service. Some of the fine resorts are four the season resorts namely- Mandarian resort, Royal Park Hotel and Park-Hyatt Hotel. Tokyo dome desert is considered as one of the greatest hotels in the entire Tokyo. These are the reasons why Tokyo should be the best holiday destination for you.

• Fuji rock festival- Visit Niigata for the Fuji rock festival at the end of August, if you are present in Japan. Bring your sunburn lotion along, as it turns too hot in the hills. March on the landscape and chill out as you travel between the diverse stages or you can take a dip into the river that passes through the center of the area during midday.

• Kyoto- Kyoto leaks out the history and charm of Japanese stylishness. It is the old capital and customary heart of the country. The Golden temple-kinaki, Kyo Mizu Dera temple that assembles on the hillside on big wooden stilts is an attraction. You can see the sights of an apprentice Geisha creating her way around the city and the backstreets are large place for truly unique memento.

• Tokyo motor show- If you adore bikes cars and trucks or any other vehicle on wheels which is powered by engine, then Tokyo motor show generally takes place at the end of the October.

• Hakone- In this place you can see the views of Mount Fuji, walk along the hills or take a pirate boat trip across the lake.

• Hiroshima- If you love history then you should add this place in your list. A four hour journey from Japan will take you to Hiroshima and the site where atomic bombing took place in World War 2.

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