Visit the beautiful coastal town Rye in Sussex

“Rye”, the beautiful coastal town of in East Sussex is set inland nearly two miles or so from the English Channel. It still is a waterside because of being a tributary riverside town, with three rivers converging on three side of the towns’ peninsula. It consists of its own canal, harbor and a small fishing fleet, Rye has an outstanding overlooks of the marshes and marshlands which provides shelter to many species of wildlife and birds. The scenic beauty of rye has never been a question to any tourists.

The area has local pubs, restaurants and hotels which facilitate the visitor’s all year round serving great food. So you can be sure that you are in a good company and have a good taste if you are really planning a visit to the small seaside town of Rye and the area surrounding within East Sussex. Visiting this beautiful coastal town will surely be a lifetime experience for everybody.

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