What is travel insurance?

You must be well acquainted with the concept of insurance. It is a service provided by companies to protect you whenever you are in some danger or problem. In line with the popular insurances such as life insurance, medical insurance, the concept of travel insurance has also become much popular and widely used these days. This type of insurance protects the rights of the beneficiaries more specifically the travelers if they incur any loss during their travel.

Normally many travel agencies include the insurance premium in their total tour cost. But the coverage of this type of insurance is very limited. You can also buy travel insurance from traditional insurance company. There are many factors that decide the type of insurance you need. Depending on the amount you want to insure, the coverage of your insurance, etc, the premium varies.

Most often people don’t want to incur additional cost and so they skip the idea of travel insurance. But whenever you are travelling somewhere be it domestic or international, make sure that you get yourself travel insurance.


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